Technical Specifications for Anti-Reverse Reel "X-PRO":

For large salmon and tropical fish.

Seawater resistant with a strong double disc brake.

Line class 9-12 + approx. 200m backing

Standard colors: Black / White / stealth

Reel Diameter: front 94.3mm, rear 91.6mm

Reel Width (without / with crank + back nut): 45 (72)mm

Inner Spool Width: 28.1mm

Spool Diameter: 51.4mm

Maximum Coil Depth (usable): 31.6 (27.2)mm

Line take on a whole revolution with full coil: 34 cm

Line Capacity: WF10 -12 + 250 Meter-Backing

Line capacity: 190 cm³

Weight: 282 grams